Sunday, May 04, 2008

Let's make it nice and easy

I am going to lift virtually all of a post from Hoffmania because it's short and, I believe, important.

[Aside: I am rather glad I was exposed to no political news for almost a week. Don't know how much silliness and pandering I can take.]

Gas drops 18c a gallon (from the tax, not oil company profit).
People drive more.
People buy more gas.
Oil companies win.

Demand goes up.
Supplies go down.
Oil companies raise prices.
Oil companies win.

Summer ends.
Gas goes back up 18c a gallon.
People still have to drive to work.
Oil companies win.

Oh, and all summer long, American bridge and road maintenance crews will be unemployed.

If that's what you want, vote for McCain or Clinton.

Well said, Hoffmania!
--the BB

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Diane said...

good point. A local station was telling the three candidates positions, and basically said: Obama says DO NOTHING, which I took as slamming him. But, this is very clear!