Thursday, May 08, 2008


Caminante has two more posts on Burma (here and here) and also requests our prayers for Naomi.
Please keep praying for Naomi. She will be having a MRI and bone scan to see if the Ewings has spread into her bones. There are no shadows, per se, but she aches all over. They will be checking her hip, thigh, leg and shoulder.
Many of you have dropped by Kirstin's place for an update and to offer love and prayers. Keep it up.

FranIAm has been making work transitions, as her long-time blog fans know. Cyberhugs going out in that direction.

Have you caught a glimpse of Pseudopiskie's apple blossoms and lilacs?

David needs some prayers, as Johnieb informs us.

Tandaina writes of gearing up to sell or rent the house. Such an ordeal calls for loving prayer, methinks. Hang in there! [Love the new blog look and the gorgeous photos, btw.]

Thanks for all the lovely comments and wishes here and elsewhere!

I almost forgot to include this request from SusanKay:
Could you post a prayer request for David, who is apparently homeless and dieing of alcoholism and infection, and for his sister, Kate-Grace who is a friend of mine and for their mother. Katie and her mom could use some help with their prayers as they try to discern what God, love and AlAnon call them to do.

O God, I bless you for the gift of my life: for the journey of which you are the source, the road, and the goal. I thank you for those who have loved me, raised me, taught me, challenged me, and nudged me toward wholeness. May I be a blessing to others and learn to rejoice in them and in creation as you rejoice. Amen.

--the BB

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Kirstin said...

Thank you so much, for lifting me up.

Still not sleeping worth anything--but I'm calmer today.

Much love.