Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another view - updated

Today our group had a meeting in a corner office, so I whipped out the camera while I could.

I had not realized an Orthodox Church seems to be right next to us. I must explore this further on ground level.

[Update: Silly me. The angle of the office threw me and I failed to recognize a church I have walked pass several times at ground level. It is Immaculate Heart Parish, a Jesuit church, on Baronne Street. The onion domes visible here, but not from the street, threw me. The brickwork on this church is lovely. Here is their home page (click for a great interior shot).

Yesterday after lunch I took a stroll from the office down to the casino, around said den of iniquity, and back. Good exercise on a lovely day. Today, as you can see in these pics, was also beautiful.
Looking toward the Mississippi River.

Looking down to Canal Street (a block away) and the edge of the Vieux Carré.

And this is another shot from my office window, looking more closely at the detail atop the building next to us. It is undergoing renovation and we see workers scuttling around on the perimeter daily. Currently unoccupied.

There is a lot of construction around here with brick, something one would rarely do in my native California where earthquakes make brick construction chancy at best and generally foolhardy. I have seen some cracks in masonry buildings here that make me wonder.

Still and all, the work goes on. And there are interesting architectural details wherever one turns.

Oh, and the "factory" I showed last night was the Dixie Brewery. Dixie Beer, anyone? You can see a great photo of it here (I was standing near the "40" in the date and time stamp, while taking some of last night's photos. There is a scattering of white shells in the lot where I stood for some of the photos. An article on the Dixie Brewing Company is at Wikipedia.

--the BB


Lindy said...

Paul these are just great, great photos. I've really enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing your NOLA sojourn so beautifully.

I didn't realize you were a native Californian. I spent some time in a little village called Laguna Beach. Lovely place to live except for tourists parking in my driveway... beach access,don't you know. Anyway... good memories of the West Coast.

Thanks again for the pix. A nice tour!

Paul said...

Laguna Beach - indeed. A lovely place, remote and beautiful and tourist-clogged. I was born and grew up in Fresno, did my college, seminary, and grad school years and early employment in LA County, then moved to the East Bay in 1981. August 2006 saw the move to New Mexico of which I am now a citizen, but I am also aware that I will always be a Californian.