Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Kingdom of Swaziland

Yesterday we had our first visitor from Swaziland and tonight (after a nap) I have more energy to say a hearty "Welcome!"

The Kingdom is a landlocked nation surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique. The population is mostly Swazi with Zulu and White Africans mixed in. The language is siSwati; the royal and legislative capital is Lobamba. I love the shield and spears flag.

Here is a video introducing Swaziland - the total tourism sell (8:55m):

An extended special on the king's seven wives may be viewed here.

Sipho Makhabane - Hlala Nami Jesu
Get yo'se'f some joy in Jesus

OK, folks, getting late so I will wrap this up. Enjoy!
--the BB

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