Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heart thread - and prayers for MP

From Kirstin at Barefoot and Laughing:
Please pray for Max and her partner, L. L was hospitalized with a staph infection in her neck, a year and a half ago. She's been having symptoms again, and has just been readmitted while they figure out what's wrong.
Nor let us forget the inimitable K. van Gogh herself:
Shamelessly stolen idea and pics

And Eileen's nephew M, still.

And Caminante's Orange Guy.

And tonight I especially want to invite intercession for Jonathan, our friend Mad Priest, who has upheld all of us and jollied us along and stimulated our thoughts and introduced us to one another and entertained us and called on us to pray and be there for each other.
I have just heard that the position I have been waiting on for the last 6 months has been scuppered by the deanery concerned as they feel it does not warrant a full time priest. In theory this can be overturned by higher authorities but goodness knows how long that would take. I have been sent a list of other jobs that are in the pipeline but all the relevant ones are, at least, 6 months away from interviews as my diocese likes a long inter regnum so they can rent the vicarage out for 6 months and save on salaries (it's the only way we can break even at the moment).

Although I haven't quite lost the will to live, I am losing the will to get out of bed in the morning and that old black dog is a-licking at my heals.

Hop on over and, well, don't hug him, he's English, but a kind word perhaps....

Mimi posted this news also and commented, better than I could do:
Most of you who read my blog, probably read OCICBW, but I posted this in the event that you don't. After coming out of the worst of a bout of madness, Jonathan has been serving the people of his Anglican parish as a curate in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, honorably and well for 7 years, but his time there seems to have run out, and thus far, he has not much hope for a new position. Since he lives in a rectory, he will not only lose his position, but also his home.

Jonathan's struggles every single day to serve his people and live a normal life are, in my humble opinion, nothing short of heroic. To be "rewarded" in this manner by the church he served faithfully for so many years, in the face of enormous difficulties, seems so lacking in justice and compassion as to boggle the mind.
Litany to the God of Fire
O flaming Spirit of love,
we cry to you in the midst of the struggles of our lives!
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our anger and our rage.
Transform them into the power of your compassion.
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our fears.
Transform them into courage.
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our despair.
Transform it into hope.
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our doubts.
Transform them into wisdom.
O sacred fire, empower us!
We offer you our broken sisterhood.
We offer you our broken brotherhood.
Help us remember the wholeness that you intended.
O God of fire, burn within us,
heal us, strengthen us, remake us,
empower us with your passion for justice!
—Victoria Walton

Padrey Mickey informs us of a helicopter crash in Panamá that has led to a serious fire. Folks there need some prayer too!

--the BB


Kirstin said...


"Inimitable." I like that.

Prayers for everyone.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Holding all in the light. And stealing that wonderful litany!

Eileen said...

Prayers for all...

I love the fire prayer!

Paul said...

What I have stolen shamelessly I pass on to others for more of the same. May all our prayers be on fire with the Spirit!