Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exaudi nos, Christe

Keep the prayers coming, folks, for all the people and issues and causes you carry in your hearts.

I'm holding Kirstin up tonight.

And the people I see on the streets of New Orleans.

And my poor town of Albuquerque that saw Dubya (pox be upon him) breeze through today raising money for one of our local asshole goopers.

For the people of Myanmar and China and for victims of the unheralded and lesser-known disasters that occure every day.

The Nepalese as they make a huge transition in government and seek to write a new constitution without a king.

The Earth as we continue to ravage and poison her.

What's on your heart tonight?

Prayers for Eileen's nephew M.

And the Diocese of Albany (and Fort Worth and Quincy and San Joaquin and Pittsburgh).

For every congregation that they may be transformed into fountains of life in their communities, full of vitality and good news and the love of God. And if they have become fearful, hate-filled places may the Spirit overturn them and renew them.
--the BB


Kirstin said...

Thank you. God knows, I need this.

Eileen said...

Thanks Paul...it means a lot to me...

Paul said...

KP, you know you always gots da prayers and love.

Eileen, my sweet temptress, happy to remember M. May the holy angels guide, guard, and defend him; may the light of Christ shine about and within him; may the Holy Three enfold and embrace him; may life rise up within him.

Kirstin said...

Yes, I do--and I needed to hear that right now.

Really rough day. Lots of heavy information--and community transitioning at the same time.