Sunday, May 25, 2008

Son et lumière

The flight back to New Orleans was blessedly uneventful. Both legs of the journey left on time, each landed a few minutes ahead of schedule. I am safely ensconced back in my apartment. The weather was lovely up to the time I got here. Then Louisiana broke out the son et lumière treatment for me with some serious thundershowers: lightning crackling and thunder to make me jump (and I love thunderstorms and am not afraid of them). Quite a show indeed.

Mimi's recent post on the levees does nothing to reassure me and my friend Kathy in NM said today she would not rest easy until I was back in ABQ for good. Well, somebody has to mother me, even if she's younger than I am.

It was a good trip home, in spite of the grueling adventure of getting there. I got to do some leisurely blogging, dropped off and picked up shirts at the cleaners, bought a new cell phone, and had dinner with my best friend on Friday.

Saturday I redeemed a Christmas present, a pre-paid (tip already included) 90-minute massage. Given the circumstances I had not anticipated this year, it seems my delaying this paid off. What a perfect time for such a bodily treat, right in the middle of too much work and too little rest! Followed that with a trip to Costco to stock up on raw nuts and dried fruits and my premier drug of preference, Diet Pepsi. I have a huge caffeine habit and loathe the taste of coffee, so I swill Diet Pepsi from the minute I get up. (Save the health lectures on the perils of artificial sweeteners; we all choose our vices.) I then had lunch with my friend Diane. Picked up a handful of items on the way home, baked a dish of hash browns, onions, green chiles, Cotswold cheese (that's the double Gloucester with green onions and chives in it), and some cream, then headed to a dinner party. Got to see friends I did not expect to see for two months.

This morning I played hooky from church, blogged just a bit, packed, had brunch with Kathy, and went to the airport.

So, there is Mr. Bear's wonderful weekend. Normally I would not socialize that much in such a short time span but these were all good friends and mostly one on one and it was wonderful to reconnect.

I also brought back a little memento: garden photos. I think I will parcel them out to savor the memory.

Here are the roses I wished I had photographed on the last trip home when the bush was covered with crimson blooms at their peak, almost eclipsing the greenery. Now they are past their prime and with all my partying I did not get around to dead heading this weekend.

We have Santa Rosa plums.

And Elberta peaches.

As ever, it was good to be home, however briefly. I don't head back until Friday the thirteenth (of June).
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Did the wall of humidity hit you when you walked out of the airport? That's how I know I'm home - when I hit the wall.

Paul said...

The jet ramp in Dallas warmed me up and then, yes, the jet ramp in NOLA gave me the steam treatment. Kathy asked me today if I could steam my shirts after I unpack them. I replied that I did that regularly by putting them on and wearing them here. Between the moist air and my body heat the wrinkles just fall away (along with any creases).

I think I am adjusting, though. The second week I felt as though the atmosphere were pressing hard upon me like a giant hand pressing down. Even as it got warmer, I felt better in weeks 3 and 4.

Lindy said...

Glad you had a good trip home Paul.

Paul said...

Thanks, Lindy. It was really nice.