Wednesday, May 28, 2008

C'est vrai tout cela?

Well, mostly not. Check it out.

--the BB


FranIAm said...

That was good!

We live in a very superficial culture on one hand and a very angry one on another.

I am in two very serious email conversations with other bloggers (who do not read you so I feel free to speak) who are both super Hillary supporters and with whom I have had disagreements.

Now of course what is most interesting in this is that I am in no way a big Obama supporter. I have chosen him over Hillary but I have some issues with him. That said - I cast my lot with him for now and am good with that.

In any event, these bloggers are both so upset over the way things are going that they, like many others, may not vote for Obama if he is the nominee.

And feel completely justified in that.

Now in fairness there are many Obama supporters who will do the same in reverse.

While I understand the principle I can't willingly let John McCain walk into the White House. Two two word combinations enter my mind when I think of McCain-
Supreme Court
Running Mate

Both things scare the hell out of me as much as McCain himself does.

So while the superficial spread misinformation and the angry spew hate, Nero then fiddles and Rome - taking 1600 Pennsylvania with is - burns.

God have mercy on us all.

Wow that was a long comment.

I still like the video.

Paul said...

My mother often used the old saying of "cutting of your nose to spite your own face" when referring to self-defeating attitudes and actions. It comes to mind often when I think of those who would get into such a snit over their candidate not winning that they would then vote for the opposition. It is incredibly self-centered and self-defeating. I will go so far as to say downright stupid.

Too much is at stake. I might have to hold my nose and go vomit afterward but I am not about to enable the warmongers and destroyers of the poor and middle class another moment. We need to get over ourselves and our preferences for the sake of the nation and the world.

I have no patience with anyone taking such a position, from either Democratic side. It is immature, irresponsible, and dangerous.

Neither of the two was among my top two choices.

"Supreme Court:" alone is all the reason you need to snap out of it.

Where's my two-by-four? I feel like knocking some folks upside the head.

Diane said...

yes, pretty good, but... I do worry about the Hillary supporters.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Good video, Paul. It won't stop the shit from flying, but even I learned from it. If you could hear some of the comments about Obama from folks around here. They're sickening.

FranIAm said...

Walk the way of the peaceful warrior - although the 2 x 4 sounds good sometimes.

Pax my brother, pax to you always.

Paul said...

Oh, all right, Fran, but you know I wanna knock heads together.

Lindy said...

Went kind of negative on Hillary at the end, didn't it? I thought you all weren't going to be negative. Just saying.

Hillary supporter to the end.

Paul said...

Lindy, good on you for your commitment. Loyalty is a good thing and there is a lot to be said for Sen. Clinton's good qualities.

I personally have no commitments to not going negative on anybody. As with many in the blogosphere, I was not looking to either Clinton or Obama as my first or second choice. I have been increasingly impressed with him and increasingly distressed with her. I would vote for any Dem over any rethugnican (way past yellow dog Dem these days) but it's no secret that Hillary is not the woman I hope to see in the White House (though I do look forward to seeing one).

Here's to an end of the Republican Age of Terror.

Paul said...

Jane R points us to a thoughtful post from janinsanfran that considers Hillary, Obama, feminism, and related issues. I agree that the T-shirt showing a woman with hips as a viable candidate is a wonderful step forward in our political consciousness. She also looks at the dynamics of the experienced, capable woman passed over for the younger hotshot male... again. It is a painfully familiar story and part of the mythic and very real dynamics of this primary election for her supporters.

I believe there are many dynamics at work in this primary, not just one or a few. Sexism and racism are among them though they are part of a very rich mix that includes lots of other forces and issues. I also think Sen. Clinton would have been her own worst enemy were that post not occupied by her husband.

I was not a believer in the Kennedy mythos back in the days of John and Bobby nor was I favorably inclined to the notion that Hillary was the presumed heir of the White House and pre-ordained to win the primaries with ease. My primitive feelings about democracy are disinclined to dynasties, whether Bush or Kennedy or Clinton or anyone else. I don't consider Obama to be a savior but I have come to like his perspective and style. I don't think he is as inexperienced as his opponents try to paint him, though I have wished he had more; it's a factor but not, for me, a deal-breaker. It is unfortunate that Clinton seems to have shot herself in the foot on several occasions this campaign and her advisers and surrogates have alienated a lot of folks.

While in past years I have not understood the vitriolic Hillary-haters (including some of my Republican relatives with whom I simply will not discuss politics), I have been terribly disappointed in her this year (and angered on more than one occasion) and what I have posted here has been quite restrained though it may not seem that way to those who support her.

As I said in the prior comment, loyalty is a good thing. I believe we can all disagree, passionately even, and recognize in each other a fierce love of what we believe to be good for our nation, and the world, and the reign of God. I desperately hope that all progressives can work with each other, in spite of our differing perspectives, and with the American "middle" to turn this country around. If we cannot, the future is likely to be bleak indeed.