Monday, May 26, 2008

Lundi le 26 mai 2008

UN urges Myanmar not to alienate cyclone orphans

Reuters - 35 minutes ago
YANGON (Reuters) - The United Nations children's agency (UNICEF) is trying to convince army-ruled Myanmar not to place at least 2000 youngsters orphaned by this month's cyclone into state-run homes, a senior official said on Monday.
Weeks After Myanmar Cyclone, Even Farmers Wait for Food New York Times
UN chief ends Myanmar mission on hopeful note The Associated Press

Lebanon: Suleiman arrives at presidential palace on 1st day as ...
International Herald Tribune - 57 minutes ago
AP BEIRUT, Lebanon: Military bands and an honor guard salute have greeted President Michel Suleiman on his first day at work in Lebanon's presidential palace.
Michel Suleiman sworn in as president of Lebanon Los Angeles Times
Lebanon Elects President to Ease Divide New York Times

China races to dynamite 'quake lake'
CNN International - 52 minutes ago
CHENGDU, China (CNN) -- Chinese military engineers Monday prepared to dynamite a potentially dangerous "quake lake" created when landslides dammed a river after this month's earthquake in which more than 65000 people were killed, state-run media ...
Aftershock in China Topples Many Buildings New York Times
China aftershock heightens fears

Embattled Mugabe would accept defeat, says ally
AFP - 36 minutes ago
HARARE (AFP) - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe would accept defeat in next month's run-off election, a close ally said Monday, a day after a fiery speech by the veteran leader as he kicked off his campaign.
Zimbabwe: Mugabe Launches Operation Runoff
At funeral, opposition leader criticizes Zimbabwe's president CNN

Colombian rebel group confirms leader's death
Los Angeles Times - 1 hour ago
VENEZUELAN TV: Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos, left, speaks at a news conference after the FARC rebels confirmed the death of their leader, Pedro Antonio Marin, right.
Colombian Guerrilla Leader Reported Dead New York Times
Manuel Marulanda, top guerilla commander in Colombia, is dead International Herald Tribune

FACTBOX-Military and civilian deaths in Iraq
Reuters - 35 minutes ago
The IBC says on its Web site the figure underestimates the true number of casualties. The US-led military coalition toll includes casualties from Iraq and the surrounding area where troops are stationed. (Writing by David Cutler, London Editorial ...
Iraq blast kills US soldier PRESS TV
US soldier killed, two injured in north Iraq Monsters and

South Africa
Violences en Afrique du Sud: le chef du parti au pouvoir appelle à la - Il y a 18 heures
SPRINGS (Afrique du Sud) - Le chef du parti au pouvoir en Afrique du Sud, Jacob Zuma, a appelé dimanche à la paix dans les townships ravagés par deux semaines de violences xénophobes, devant une foule inhabituellement hostile. "La paix doit prévaloir", ...
Thabo Mbeki dénonce l'"inhumanité" des violences xénophobes en ... Le Monde
Des milliers d'immigrés fuient l'Afrique du Sud, effrayés par la ... AFP

Nasa's Phoenix craft beams back pictures from Mars
Times Online - 1 hour ago
A Nasa spacecraft beamed back unprecedented pictures from the Martian permafrost today after an historic 423 million-mile journey that marks a new phase in the quest to find life on the red planet.
Video: NASA Spacecraft Successfully Lands on Mars AssociatedPress
NASA probe lands in Martian arctic in search for life AFP

Creator of all things, we hold before you your glorious cosmos and our infinitesimal and wonderful planet. Have mercy upon us and work in us your gracious will.
--the BB

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