Saturday, June 28, 2008

Billy Carleton Sykes - RIP

I just learned that Uncle Billy, aka Billy C. Sykes, had a massive stroke and died. He is my ex's uncle, and thus mine (you cannot un-adopt me).

The son of Otto C. and Katherine (Kate) P. Sykes, Billy was in "the cattle bidness" in Ballinger, Texas. Earlier in life he and Aunt Mary were raising cattle in the bleaker parts of SE New Mexico. A hard life. Good people.

Many a time we've heard how he flew "over the hump" in Burma during WWII. He was a First Lieutenant.

I was fortunate to visit their home during a family reunion some years ago. The Carnegie Library in Ballinger had just been restored through energetic efforts of the community spearheaded by Aunt Mary.

Billy helped me with an off-the-wall question I needed to resolve in writing my fiction.

I last saw him when we had a family reunion for my father-in-law Jack in August 2007. Aunt Mary and Uncle Billy came out from Ballinger and there were cousins from all over. Most of these folks I had not seen in about 16 years, though I have seen Billy and Mary a few times in between.

Unfortunately, when I was having troubles with my hard drive earlier this year I lost my photos of last August's party. A sadness.

As is the passing of Billy, a true exemplar of an earlier era.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
--the BB


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I know about adopting.

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Yes, May he rest.

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