Friday, June 27, 2008

Working weekends

When in New Orleans I work Saturdays (8-10 hours).

On my next two weekends at home I will be preaching on Sunday.

When this gig is over I am planning on down time.

On a saner note, Belle and Maggie are going to work tomorrow. Brave daughters. Of course, they are on a mission of mercy, lifting spirits and spreading love among the work-weary.

Last Saturday they were princesses. This time around I am thinking of them as psychiatric nurses. I think they need little white caps (but that's just because I am old fashioned and still am uncomfortable with gaudy floral print blouses). Nice white uniforms with pins and little capes. That's the ticket.

[You guessed it: the girls are giggling at their silly old parental unit. Maggie just suggested a rectal thermometer and Belle is threatening to hold me down. Fortunately, dad is still bigger than they are.]

UPDATED to include illustrative graphic of a proper nurse, a minister of mercy

--the BB


DianeNM said...

Paul, my Mother, who was a "proper" nurse, would appreciate your sensibilities. And, I'm so very pleased that one of your working weekends will be in my parish...even though I won't be there. You will, I am certain, have great words of wisdom to impart to the flock! D.

Paul said...

I am sorry you won't be there too, Diane.

FranIAm said...

How I long to hear you preach.

Rectal thermometer indeed!!

Diane said...

I'd like to hear you preach, too! I'm going to try to go manuscript-less next time, if I can....

and Hey? Maggie and Belle are dogs right?

Paul said...

Thanks, Diane. I think once you shift to no manuscript and get comfy with it you will enjoy the sense of immediacy and spontaneity. Of course, I have Baptist roots too. LOL

Maggie and Belle are part of the vast menagerie of stuffed animals who constitute my "children." They are keeping me company in NOLA. Margaret Macrina Dolphin, aka Maggie, is self-explanatory. Belle is a hippo that I bought at the Audubon Zoo gift shop in NOLA in 1980.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, the proper nurse is reaching out to you. She has the rectal thermometer hidden in the hand that is not reaching out. Fair warning.

Diane, not every pet is a Scout.

On a side note, my daughter and one of my sons read my blog just to get a window on how crazy their mother is. She saw the pictures of your daughters from that infamous Sunday. Grandpère said, "Paul has daughters!" Then I explained about your daughters, and they were both shaking their heads. I guess it's just as well that you did not bring them along when we had our first dinner with GP there. I don't know that he would have understood.

My daughter does not "get" my blog. She said that sometimes I sound like a preacher and others like a politician. I think one has to be more than a little crazy to "get" us.

Paul said...

LOL. Mimi, I think we blog so we can find kindred souls for our "folie a plusieurs."

I am chortling over the idea of Grandpère wondering how I might have daughters. I am sure the truth was more horrifying than other speculations.

BooCat said...

Dear Paul,
I have just started a new job with our local chapter of the American Red Cross and have not had the time to "cuss the cat," as my Grandma would have said, let alone wander the Blogosphere. I was trying to catch up today. What a surprise to arrive at your site and see one of "our nurses" reaching out to everyone. Red Cross nurses are an impressive lot, are they not?

I, too wish I could hear you preach. As for having Baptist roots, just about half of our parish falls into that category.

johnieb said...

I look forward to seeing ya around more on the intertubes.

Paul said...

Thanks, johnieb. You saw today how long it's taken me to get back to your neck of the woods and I've missed all that grandson visiting and delicious cooking! Nice to catch up.