Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have not seen...

Any roadrunners in New Orleans. Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough. This juvenile was hanging out near the office a few Decembers ago. Just a little desert nostalgia to lift my spirits.

I have seen this, however. Actually, just shot these on the way to the car park this evening.

Interesting decorative framing.

Anyone noticed lately how insufferably dull window frames are these days? They can work with good proportions and a few very good details. But mostly they are, frankly, butt ugly.

One really should click on this to enlarge it and catch some of the detail. I was captured by it when I looked up.

Something in the color, proportions, and rhythmic arches that suggests Venice here. Or am I totally off base?

They've done something terrible to the middle columns in this one but the former glory still teases the beholder.

Alas, there is also the juxtaposition with the box on the left.

Great doors, no?

A very high percentage of downtown is still boarded up, abandoned, slated for some unknown future. One may walk past a bustling, newly-refurbished building - a bastion of business and power - and come upon the sadness of a huge building where nothing is happening, the windows are sealed over with plywood, and disrepair and uncertainty hang in the air.

I want to get photos of those too but am usually either hustling my butt into work in the morning or heading back to the apartment with folks in the carpool whom I do now want to inconvenience while I lollygag and dsightsee and wait for the batteries in the camera to gear up for the next shot.

--the BB


Jane R said...

I just love, love, love your architectural photos. Thank you.

(And yes, my computer is fixed and I have just finished reloading a bunch of software... Still a bit to update but we're good to go. Friday cat blogging will take place!)

{mwah} Thanks again for the photos.

P.S. {purrrrr} +MP, F.B.E.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, you have a true eye for architectural details. Lately, I have not visited your blog or any of my friends' blogs as often as I would like. I'm trying to limit my time on the computer, but I don't seem to be doing that either. What am I doing? I don't know, really. And no. I'm not looking at dirty pictures.

Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed your pictures when I do get around to them. The contrast between the beauties and the box is stark. Is the box a work in progress or the finished product?

Paul said...

Mimi, I will need to do a bit of research on "the box" to see, but I suspect/fear it is as fully evolved as it is going to be. Let's hope not. Will get some more pics up tonight.

Always happy to have you (and our other blog friends) here.