Sunday, June 08, 2008

Compromiso / Mentira: ¿Qué diferencia?

Promise / Lie: What's the difference?
Dengre, that pit bull of investigating intricate corruption scandals, reminds us (in great detail) that former House aide John Albaugh is cooperating in the ongoing investigations related to Jack Abramoff and his clients and politicians.

Senator John McCain has a role in this. Dengre writes:
During a November 17, 2004 Hearing on the scandal, John McCain made a promise:

"I pledge, as a member of the Committee on Indian Affairs, that we will not stop until the complete truth is told."

It was a promise—like all John McCain promises—that McCain quickly broke.
[Emphasis in the original]

Coments near the end of dengre's post:
And yet, McCain now points to his investigation cover-up of Abramoff as proof of his qualifications to be President. A serious look into McCain’s work on the Abramoff Scandal would disqualify him.

The lobbying system Abramoff worked in was created by a lobbyist named Charlie Black. And Black is now running McCain’s campaign.

McCain limited the Abramoff scandal to a very, very narrow scope. He collected 750,000 pages of documents and selectively used them to justify a narrow investigation.
It seems that some 742,000 pages are still being suppressed by McCain.

So much for not stopping until the complete truth is told.

Do we need another president who says one thing and does another? Aren't you tired of Orwellian "war is peace" rhetoric?

After learning that "clean air" is a euphemism for relaxed standards and "no child left behind" means no child will be spared a regime of narrow unthinking conformity, one comes to realize that when a Republican rides around in the "Straight Talk Express" the chances are you will not get straight talk at all.

--the BB

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