Sunday, June 08, 2008

A short note on the Lower Ninth

Although I was in that area today, I felt like an intruder. When I am taking pics downtown or in the French Quarter or elsewhere, I don't feel like a tourist. I am a witness to the city in which I am currently working. But where the devastation was so great it did not feel right to go about snapping photos, not even as a witness on behalf of the people. And, in fact, I did not get to the worst-hit spots. I saw lots of modest homes, all new but not part of tracts, which is unusual. And shops, mostly new. There were a few old ones, but not many. They had long since been torn down and replaced. I saw grassy fields where I am certain homes once were. I saw a few buildings still bearing the spray-painted marks of the rescue searchers. Advertisement for construction materials and contractors were everywhere. Some larger buildings were still being torn down. It was a beautiful day and a sobering afternoon.

My hat is off to those who rebuild, those who return, those who stay.
--the BB

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Kirstin said...

I had the same reaction, when I rode up there on a bicycle. The world needs to know--but the place is too hallowed, in a way, to play tourist.

Thank you.