Sunday, June 08, 2008

Some shots of Canal Street and the Vieux Carré

As you can see, the Ritz-Carlton is in what used to be the Kress building (for those of us old enough to remember S. H. Kress & Co. 5-10-25¢ Store).

The above is the facade of the Orpheum Theater.

You may well guess the Belle and Maggie are laying claim to this piece of prime real estate.

And that concludes our tour for today.

À bientôt!
--le BB


Kirstin said...

Oh, wow, I miss it.

Thanks for these.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Beautiful, Paul, just beautiful. It's sad that even certain native New Orleanians don't give a shit about the graceful architecture in the city. Some of the buildings are eyesores, but there's lots of good stuff.

The last time I was in the Lower Ninth, there were a few folks who had rebuilt in the wasteland, two or three houses standing far apart from each other. That takes courage.