Monday, June 09, 2008


This is just wrong on so many levels. Makes me wanna scream.

Maha reports:
Apparently the new trend in “criminal justice” is not to allow rape victims to use the word rape, or even sexual assault, in court. Instead, a woman testifying against someone who has raped her is supposed to say “when the defendant and I had sexual intercourse.” In one case, the woman could not call herself a “victim” or the alleged perpetrator an “assailant.”

The reason given for this nonsense is that the word rape is prejudicial. By the same logic, words like theft, fraud, and murder ought to be banned from trials, too.

Yes, the accused has a presumption of innocence, but it seems some judges presume the complainant must be lying. Fair trial? I don’t think so.

--the BB


Lindy said...

Or perhaps it could lead to even more accurate descriptions of what actually happens. I've always thought that "rape" was WAY too mild. A convenient tag for... Well, you know.

The Cunning Runt said...

Elder Progeny and I have been nearly exploding about this since it first came to light - it's about the most asinine thing either of us has ever heard! And cases are running their course with this misogynistic crap fully in place!