Sunday, June 08, 2008

Maggie and Belle expect Sunday outings now

And today was quite an outing. I drove over to the region of the Lower Ninth and back again. Then we parked downtown and hoofed it into the French Quarter and across to the Riverwalk. Here are the girls watching a tanker going one way and a paddle wheel boat going the other.

Behind them a little way away was Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral, where we visited last Sunday with Grandmère. (I honestly think they expect daddy to spoil them like an indulgent grandparent now. Sigh.)
Then they noticed a building that was preserved but turned into a brewery.

Belle: Hmm, aren't you getting a bit thirsty, Maggs?

Maggie: Now that you mention it.

And, though they are of age, I schlepped them off in a different direction. After a very hot walk through the French Market (I melt at 70 degrees in dry climates, so you can imagine, though for your sensibility's sake I hope you don't), and daddy wound up springing for bottled water, lest we all perish of heat stroke.
One more shot of the Mississippi.

And la pucelle d'Orléans, Jeanne. The girls wanted to climb up on the horse. Daddy could not reach that high and was quite afraid of getting arrested in the attempt. No beer and then this. An afternoon of disappointments.

When I was growing up on Madison Avenue in Fresno, California, we had a crepe myrtle in the back yard. It is a rather lovely tree/shrub with ruffly petals. Ours was a medium, slightly purplish pink. Here in New Orleans I have seen quite an array of shades from the pink I grew up with to the more intense pink in this photo to a warmer and darker reddish shade to snow white and a color I had not seen in crepe myrtles before, a lovely orchid-lavender shade, quite delicate.

There are tons more photos from today, mostly French Quarter architecture.

Later, gators.
--the BB


Kirstin said...

Those steps are where I touched the river on Theophany.

Padre Mickey said...

I gosta han' it to ya, my bruddah; you is brave enough ta take dem photos outside where evybuddy kin see you! And everyone here at La Rectoria enjoys them.

Keep it up!

Paul said...

How utterly cool is that, Kirstin? Belle and Maggie send smoochies!

Paul said...

Mickey, when you've been as eccentric as I am for as long as I have, you don't give a shit what people think. I'll never forget my official teddy bear's first train ride, but that's another story, one that goes back to May 1979.

Also, if I am ashamed of my daughters now, will they deny me at the Judgment Seat?

Glad you're enjoyin' down there!

Grandmère Mimi said...

I am of two minds about la Pucelle d'Orleans. Well, if I'm honest, of one mind - not favorable, poor girl.

We have light pink crepe myrtles. When they are covered with blossoms - not quite yet - and when the flowers fall, the trees and the grass beneath them seem covered with pink snow. I'll have to take a picture this year.

Paul said...

Yes, Grandmère, photos of crepe myrtles! I keep seeing them when I am driving but don't want to cause accidents by suddenly screeching to a stop.