Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm alive and OK

I realize I have not posted since very early yesterday morning.  Tuesday was a long day at work, just shy of 13 hours.  At the end of the day I got time with the boss to work on some gnarly challenges that had stymied me and she is usually tied up in meetings or answering questions from many people all at once.  Tonight I was, I believe, still recuperating from the long work day yesterday and have not even read all the blogs, just a few.

I do have thoughts for another reflective post and a few more pics and will be traveling this weekend.  Home to ABQ where I will preach on Sunday morning and have dinner with my ex and my (still) father-in-law for Father's Day (got him a card tonight on the way home).

Because I don't believe God changes the laws of physics for our convenience, I cannot really ask y'all to pray for no lightning on Friday, but I would very much like for my plane to leave on time and get home on time this round.  We had some great bolts of lightning this afternoon, with deep rumbly thunder and warm rain.  I love electrical storms when I'm not scheduled to fly.

Enjoying the humor while the Mad One is vacating.  Hope summer is treating everyone well.
--the BB

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