Sunday, June 08, 2008

Heart thread for a Sunday evening

SusanKay sent me this:
The next time you mount a prayer posting, would you please thank all those who prayed for Mike D'Armour after his cancer diagnosis nine days ago. He died at home in his wife's arms this morning. He had opted for hospice over chemo or radiation which was fitting since he had founded the hospice movement in Durango. Give thanks to the Lord for a wonderful life.
May Mike rest in peace and rise in glory and may his wife and loved ones find comfort.

I ask your prayers for my sister's niece Jan who is in hospice care. We live in the same town but have not met yet. I hope to next weekend. Please hold her up as she moves toward the light.

Please continue to remember Kirstin, who writes movingly of grace upon grace.

May the Holy Spirit fill the upcoming Lambeth Conference with endless surprises of peace, joy, charity, true communication, dialogue, and healing. Granted, none of those are what I, in my pessimistic mode, expect, so that is why they would be surprises. God can do it, I know, so we can also pray that the bishops cooperate with the Spirit.

China continues to experience aftershocks in the quake region, so let us remember those who rebuild their lives, those who mourn, those who died.

Zimbabwe and Pakistan are centers of tension as presidents try to hold on to power and democracy tries to establish itself. Pray for the people of those countries.

Pray for the wisdom and will for the world to address the food crisis for the good of all and not the enrichment of the few and the starvation or malnutrition of the many.

Greece has also sustained an earthquake with two deaths and 125 injuries so far reported.

Tornadoes and rains are hitting the Midwest.

And finally, let us give thanks for the civil union of Mark Andrew and Gene Robinson at St Paul's Church New Hampshire yesterday.

From the Eucharist of Creation:*
Your Spirit tends and nurtures,
shapes, calls forth, and quickens all things,
teasing endless possibilities from the riches of your passionate joy.

The dancing immensities honor you;
the rhythms of birth and death bless you;
the crashing surf and winging bird chant your praises;
the blood coursing in our bodies and the wind rising in our throats
combine to sing your goodness,
as we join the music of the spheres and the exultation of the heavenly hosts,
glorifying your Name in the endless chorus:

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,
heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.

* (c) by me, but I do grant permission when asked.
--the BB

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