Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Da goils hung out with Aunt Deborah at work today. Here they are busy at work, helping highlight figures. While offering their assistance they also took a break for popcorn. I see no greasy feet or flippers so I can only conclude that they are as refined when partying elsewhere as they are at home. It was another "take your daughters to work" Saturday.

I think they have a calming influence overall. (I initially wrote "claming," and Maggie thought I meant clamming and that would be all right with her but, alas, no.) My coworkers seemed on good behavior today and even I was less grumpy and stressed. At least most of the time. My cubicle partner yanked my chain at the end of the day and got the anticipated reaction as I threatened to go ballistic. Then he chuckled. He had told me his file did not zero balance and I informed him that he was not leaving the premises until it did, if I had to beat him about the head and shoulders. Well, who said I was easy to work with? I am at least a third-generation perfectionist and not fully recovered.

Mostly, though, it was a mellow day.

Church tomorrow morning and a tour of some of NOLA I have not yet seen in the afternoon. I will put fresh batteries in the camera.

--the BB


Jane R said...

How lovely! I am glad the girls have such a soothing, positive, and cheering imagination upon the workplace. I hope the trip was good for them as well. Thanks for the report on Take Your Daughters to Work. :-)

Padre Mickey said...

Dose gurls looks so cute wit dem pens and pencils.