Sunday, July 06, 2008

Le weekend

I have not been posting very much in the past few days, not gotten around to a decent acknowledgment of Mickey's kind honor. So, what have I been up to?

Friday, 4 July - lunch with my best friend and BBQ and fireworks at the brother-in-law's place
Saturday, 5 July - brunch with one friend then dinner and theatre with another
Sunday, 6 July - just got home a little while ago after preaching two services at St Thomas of Canterbury across the street from UNM. I used Canterbury's parking lot while attending my Russian classes on Tuesday evenings, so one might say I owed them.

Good visits and, as one might well imagine, lots of laughter while I was preaching. I could have used one more day to just do nothing. Amid all this I also got a haircut (very closely buzzed), made a Costco run, and picked up a hoe for the garden.

In 45 minutes I will be headed to the airport, hoping to sleep on the plane. I am restocked with some mysteries to read, more raw nuts and dried blueberries (yes, something in my primal genes goes back to the gathering stage of human society - I love nuts, berries, and seeds).

I have also not posted much political material of late. I am burned out on it for the moment and don't even feel like tracking what is happening. Probably from having watched it so closely for so long. I doubt this is permanent but am sharing this just so y'all know. With long work hours I just have not had the energy.

Someone asked me this morning about what happens to my life in Albuquerque. I responded that I no longer have much of a life anywhere. Not healthy, I know, and I am slated for a couple more months of this, it seems. I think I can manage that much but will very glad when I am "home for good." For perspective, one must consider that I have only worked 5 months out of the last 18. So for now we thank God for employment.

Hope you had a safe and happy Fourth.

Fight tyranny!
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

A couple of more months? At the same pace? Can you do that?

The plus side is that maybe we'll have a chance to squeeze in another visit before you leave - if you ever have time off.

Paul said...

The pace has slackened somewhat. A few days will be long but mostly no more than ten hours (hah, and to think that sounds like slacking now). Left at 5:40 tonight!

I think I can manage the physical side of it, it is fighting off depression that is the challenge. So long as I have "projects" that engage me, I am usually all right. I need to spend more time on Russian and keep up the photography. I am also wondering whether I can manage to make forays into the mythical land of my fiction and work on the revision of the novel. That is much harder to do, though everything is on the laptop.

One of the side benefits of staying longer is the hope of getting together with you, Mimi.