Sunday, July 06, 2008

La vie sportive

Realizing our awesome responsibility as the first place y'all turn for sports news, we present pix of Wimbledom and Rafael Nadal of Spain in his finalist victory over Roger Federer of Switzerland. Huge tip of the chapeau to the Contessa, Jane R.

A little Tennisbrüderschaft at the end.

Gratuitous beefcake photo.
Another shot of fraternal congratulations.
But the real point of this photospread of an international victory is... PRINCE BLOGGING! Yes that is Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias congratulating their homeboy, Letizia the Delicious and Felipe the Foxy their royal selves.

Dayumn, I would get the allovers if I got a hug from Doña Letizia.

I own a full size Spanish flag but I doubt I will process with it on any grand occasion. Rafa is the national hero right now.

The following is a sweat wipe from earlier in the competition, not a teary shot at loss. As we can see from the photos above, Roger Lederer is a gracious second placer. If he should need consolation, I recommend a trip to New Orleans.

Nadal-Federer epic the most thrilling of all the Wimbledon finals ...
ESPN - 2 hours ago
By Ravi Ubha Sunday's Wimbledon final was one of those times when you call a buddy immediately after the match ends and say, "Did you see that?
SIDEBAR: Wimbledon's Heart of Darkness bothers Federer Monsters and
Nadal-Federer marathon was a classicUSA Today


Jane R said...

I love it when you take my sports tips ;-) -- the combo of prince(sse)s and sports dudes was just too gorgeous to pass by.

I think Nadal looks like Our Luiz when he smiles, and sometimes when he doesn't.

I already liked Nadal and was thrilled that he won (though Federer is pretty fabulous too) but I didn't notice the Luiz resemblance till today.

FranIAm said...

I am lost in almost all sports. Does that make me a bad person?

He is pretty - um, attractive!

And as Jane R points out, resemble Luiz.

Jane R said...

Oh, I am not much of a sports fan either, but some sports people are, as Paul would say, aesthetically pleasing.

Grandmère Mimi said...

All these people are good-looking and all so - I don't know - European, and much more stylish than us here in the US.