Wednesday, July 09, 2008

While I am doling out pix

I took a bit of a stroll after lunch, snapping some more shots of the CBD.

Before lunch I went into the splendid lobby of a staid financial institution and sought permission to take photos of said interior with its massive fluted columns, excellent Corinthian capitals, and an absolutely stunning coffered ceiling. For security reasons, however, no photography is allowed there, even by seemingly - you may emphasize that word as much as you wish - harmless old white guys.

The de rigeur wrought iron balcony even on a modern high rise.

I had a street-corner shot of this building earlier. Here is a closer look at the street-level capitals.

"I live for those I love."

The pelican in her piety, the state emblem of Louisiana. For those to whom this image is new or strange, there was a medieval legend that the pelican wounded her own breast with her beak and fed her young on her own life's blood. This was deemed a symbol of Christ, giving his life for the faithful in the Eucharistic blood. The image of a pelican thus feeding her offspring is common in churches, ancient and new, and the phrase for this particular image is "the pelican in her piety." Now you know, if you didn't already.

Romantic nonsense, of course, but so is most of what we toss about in church. One really should not believe everything said by clergy. We are a notoriously unreliable lot.

Nonetheless, I could not avoid such a lovely bas relief on the corner of the Whitney Bank - speaking of which, here is the plaque.

Amid all the lovely columns and capitals of this area, I just noticed after work some that I have walked by almost every day for the past month, hiding behind the boarded front of another unrestored restaurant. I had to pause, haul my camera out of my briefcase, and shoot.

I took more photos but this is enough for the moment.

Have I thanked King Jesus and Holy Mother Mary lately for air conditioning? Thanks! Mwaaahh.

--the BB


Anonymous said...

Wait to see what warming really is.


Paul said...

Your Evilness, you must have dropped by via Fran's. Welcome.

Is it true that you are really the larval stage of Dick Cheney? I mean, how often does one get to ask?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Romantic nonsense, of course, but so is most of what we toss about in church.

The St. Pelicana story isn't so? But it's a lovely story.

I am actually grinding my teeth about our weenie Democratic senators who capitulated to Bush.

Paul said...

And I am studiously avoiding politics at the moment.

I'd probably go apoplectic. Saw the news and am bitter and disgusted.

Jane R said...

I was at a retreat center till after 8 p.m. so I was away from the intertubes and the radio all day and I am NOT amused by this news. Haven't listened to the radio yet or read the news stories. I did already get an e-mail from the ACLU, though. ;-) Naturally, they asked for money. But they are going to sue. At least someone is standing up. There must be other ways, too.

And what's this rumor about Hillary Clinton as Veep?

Oh, Mother of God, pray for us.