Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Less splendor but I feel at home there

Yes, this is more of Albuquerque, New Mexico: one of those stopped-at-a-red-light photos.

Not be confused with any of Albuquerque's numerous photographed-if-you-run-the-red lights.

Central Avenue (after brunch on Saturday)

And, if you are in the market for a wicker motorcycle, I'd be happy to send you to this store.

--the BB


susankay said...

And since the wicker motor cycle store is going out of business, move quickly. Pauls pictures above are very near where we had a delighful dinner together and where my Albuquerque home is. A bit of a small town in a small city.

FranIAm said...

Oh! My heart!!

I used to eat some really good food at a lunch counter/small restaurant in a drugstore on Central. What is the name?? My addled brain cannot access that data.

Speaking of good food, not sure how long you have been going to ABQ before living there, or Susankay either, but years and years ago... 1990 I believe, Sadie's used to be in the bowling alley and it was then some of the best food I ever had.

When it moved over into its own place some of the cachet was lost and the flavor too.

Eating the spicy food and hearing someone get a strike was a rare treat.

There are several pieces of furniture here in my house from the El Paso Import Company- the LA location! I have been in the ABQ one many times however.

Also I used to love to shop at store along the plaza where they had all manner of New Mexicana... I also can't recall the name. The owner of the store also had a private collection of santos and so forth, which he would bring me to.

I have some very special items - retablos and that sort of thing. I used to buy santos (this is one reason that I am broke) for these two friends of mine who collected them.

Deep sigh, how I was trained to believe from my early life that someone spending money on someone meant love.

Or that I even had to "do" so much to be loved.

Oh well, not morose, all part of the journey. The road is rocky, the road is smooth and mis campaneros today, tomorrow and yesterday are many,no matter what.


Paul said...

Fran, how cool that you shopped there (or at a sister store anyway).

A day without green chile is like a day without sunshine.