Saturday, July 12, 2008

It takes time

The courtyard in the lower right of the photo above is where I saw the rat slither across the yard a while back. Intestingly, when viewed from above it gives the illusion of being one or two stories above ground level, which it is not.

Abandoned, for now anyway, buildings.

I love the curtains gathered behind the center window. It makes this appear somehow still lived in.

And, although the clarinet on one Holiday Inn downtown is a brilliant way to deal with a huge vertical surface, this side of this Holiday Inn is. butt. ugly.

I had to include it as one of the most affrontingly hideous bits of downtown architecture I have seen. There is really no excuse for it except a greedy desire for profits that refuses to invest in a modicum of beauty. Given the riches of the neighborhood, I consider this sacrilegious and I have wanted to hold it up for scorn and shame.
--the BB

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