Friday, July 11, 2008

My ocean of sky

West Mesa, Albuquerque
--the BB


Diane said...

Aw. you make me want to live there. seriously.

when I lived in Denver, I visited Albuquerque and Santa Fe for a few days, and I thought, "How do I get work here???"

Not so many Lutherans in your neck of the woods.

Paul said...

That, alas, is true, Diane. And we even have one of our Episcopal priests serving as pastor of a local Lutheran church. Nice lady.

Well, bring a passel of Scandinavians and Germans with you. I'm partial to blonds. My ex called it my "blond Nazi fantasy" which I find repulsive. I prefer to think it is just my genetic roots showing.

Lots of space for Scout to run about!

Then again, I have only worked off and on since moving.

susankay said...

Paul -- I love our New Mexico sky -- and also my Colorado sky altho more bounded by mountains but still big.

And, Diane, I too am a part time Albuquerque resident with a spare room. More in town than Pauls country living I think but we could share you while you look around sometime.

FranIAm said...

Watch out Susankay... I could show up too!!!

Paul said...

Fran, we're expecting you. We just don't know when. LOL

Lindy said...

Beautiful Paul... Enchanted, as the new Mexicans would say.

Paul said...

Lindy, lots of room for my buddy Rowan to run too! He could play Wiley Coyote with the roadrunners.