Thursday, October 16, 2008


Kagro X fills us in (with transcriptional goodness):

So how bizarre is that? Sarah's dad, Chuck Heath, browbeats his daughter Molly into applying for a moose permit even though she has little or no interest in hunting, and then berates her for not going out to shoot a moose. Then the threatens to go out and shoot one on her tag whether she goes along or not, prompting Wooten to agree to go out hunting with her the next day and take care of it himself.


Anyway, crazy though he might be, Wooten complies and takes Molly out to shoot the moose Chuck demanded, succeeds in bagging one, takes it back to Chuck's house where Chuck happily butchers it, keeping the family in mooseburger for two years.

Then, when things later turn sour, Chuck and Sarah are on the phone weeping and wailing to the AST that Wooten needs to be fired because he illegally shot a moose.

Why do I think my mother would have called them trash?
--the BB

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