Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kudos to Campbell Brown

So what if he were an Arab?

Wonderful to hear her articulate what should be understood but evidently is not sufficiently understood and accepted.

And remember: " In Standard British English, as in Greek, Kudos is a singular and not a plural noun,...." The "-os" ending rhymes with moss or floss. Back-formation of a singular "kudo" would be nonsensical.

(My curmudgeonly mini-rant of the evening - especially since I am well aware of historical precedent and tide of usage against me. There is the example of "cherry" which used to be a cherrys or something like that, cognate with Spanish cereza or French cérise - somewhere along the line we dropped the plural-sounding "s" at the end of the singular form. I fight a losing battle.)

h/t to eurthamudtoes
--the BB

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Earthbound Spirit said...

Thank you for posting this - and the Keith Olbermann piece. But this is particularly pertinent - and our Constitution says there shall be no religious test for political office. I'm with Fran - "Jesus I'm sick of these people."