Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's debate night

I have fallen asleep on the couch in the course of the last three so I don't expect tonight to be different. Still, you never know.

Eddie is mixing the mojitos and Dillinger is heating up the queso. (He is such a little Texan, and so cute!) I bought some popcorn from a cub scout last week and have been saving it for tonight.

I was briefly a cub scout back when I was around eight years old, so that was one for nostalgia and solidarity.

Will Bob Schieffer betray his admiration for McCain or keep it in check? Will McCain manage to rattle Obama? Can Obama possibly not rattle McCain, given how McCain's resentment of even being staged as an equal with Obama has oozed from every pore of McSame's being at each debate? Will there be fireworks? Or dullness? What will be the sound byte that emerges from tonight?

Can we please, please, please go back to having the League of Women Voters run the debates?

I will keep an emesis basin at hand for each time the senior senator from AZ says "my friends."

Are you registered to vote? Do you know where your polling place is? Can you help GOTV?
--the BB


susan s. said...

As I said at Mimi's, McCain is a petty, sniveling man. That is all.

Paul said...

And the blink rate! If his eyes flashed any faster it could induce seizures in the viewing audience.

Proud of his snarling audiences, is he? Well, that tells me a lot.

More mojitos, please. [And yes, I did fall asleep again.]