Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Scenes of Nova Aurelia

I regret that when I met my friends from Oakland last week I forgot my camera. I would have like a photo of us together. I also wish I could have taken photos of the sights they pointed out to me. I will try to take a long lunch this coming week and do that.

As we were scoping out the Piazza d'Italia and St Joseph's Fountain I noticed, the inscriptions all being in Latin, that New Orleans is rendered in Latin as Nova Aurelia. The city of Orléans in France was named Aurelianis when the Roman Emperor Aurelian refounded it. All right, that explains my header and those who enjoy etymology can imagine the evolution of the city name.

There are just shots from last weekend. At the moment I am in Albuquerque, noticing that the light on the houses across the street is now an ever-so-slightly golden shade as the sun slants low from just above the West Mesa.

Additional note that I am tossing in here: I have been working on the revision of my novel all but one day of the last six. This is proving to be quite exciting for me. Friend Kathy is clamoring for the sequel but I need to get the first volume finished before going into the next one wholeheartedly. Having said that, I am constantly toying with the sequels in my mind and occasionally on "paper" (actually on the computer).

A neighbor rang my doorbell today. She is an Obama volunteer visiting Democrat households and urging us to vote early. I told her I had just voted by absentee ballot and she checked off my name. Two of her children were with her. I looked across the way and saw a Tom Udall yard sign planted. There is a Martin Heinrich sign in my window. We are not alone. I also learned that there is an Obama office in my own neighborhood. Who knew? Now I do.
--the BB

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