Saturday, October 25, 2008

Colorado residents - voter alert!

The company charged with sending out absentee ballots failed to send out over 5% of the mail-in ballots requested in Denver. The story is here.

NearDenver writes:
Any Colorado voter who has already signed up for a mail-in ballot but has not received one, should immediately contact your county clerk's office to verify the status.

You can also check the status of your mail-in ballot online using the following link at the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Center

One voter I know who used the Secretary of State's website last week discovered he was not signed up for a mail-in ballot even though he thought he was! This can easily happen in Colorado because if you do not check the box for a permanent mail-in ballot, they will only send one for a single election cycle. If that cycle has come and gone, you will not receive a mail-in ballot again for this current election without requesting one again.

Please vote in Colorado via a mail-in ballot or during early voting. Do not wait until the likely long lines or other problems that may arise on election day.

Thought you should know. Pass the word to friends and family in Colorado.
--the BB

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