Tuesday, October 21, 2008

¡Que empiece el cambio!

I voted! I hope you do too.

Tanks to da padre fer the graffik. w00t!

I am fighting a cold and, today, indigestion. Blech. Today was very productive at work yet also a time of constant pressure. Glad to be back at my home away from home.

Nice to think of IT being married. Nice to see news of a widening lead in the presidential race. No time for complacency though.

And in extra good news: it is now official that come mid-November I fly home from New Orleans and begin work in Albuquerque. Home!

New Orleans is a great city and a beautiful one. It needs to survive and thrive. I am grateful for having experienced it, even in straitened circumstances. I hope and pray for its full recovery and rejoice in its people. And, in a total bonus, it is home turf to the incomparable Mimi.

We all know that if you aren't on vacation or at home you are in exile. Make straight in the desert a highway for the Bear!
--the BB

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