Saturday, October 25, 2008

An unwinding kind of day

My mind (and computer) have been wandering about today. Eighteenth century transportation - roads and boats and carts (oh my!). Forests and the flora thereof. Monsters and magic. Family trees. Legends and lore.

This has not yet resulted in much writing but I am getting a much clearer picture of what the hero of my first book experiences.

I would much rather write novels than do accounting. For now, however, accounting pays well and I am undiscovered.

This creates no jealousy around the success of my friends, however. How totally cool is it to see Jane R's book coming to birth? What a delight (and she shares photos)!

In online chat with a musician today I was struck when he told me that he can tell a story in 3-5 minutes. Well, songs do that, of course. I, on the other hand, tell stories at great length. Much of what I am doing nowadays is fleshing out concrete details to give my fantasy world substance and my characters more depth and motivation.

How very marvelous it is that we live in a world where we can tell and listen to, write and read, all manner of stories in all their wondrous variety!
--the BB


Jane R said...

Thank you, Paul. I look forward to reading your stories (or hearing them, or hearing about them) whenever you are ready to share them. I admire your capacity to build marvelous worlds. I am more of a reporter and not sure whether I would be able to spin entire worlds as you do.

Yes, stories are a great gift!

Have you noticed the word verification words have had a better balance of vowels and consonants in the last week? They seem to make words. Not wordy words, but things that are pronounceable. The one for this comment is "inall." (As in "God will be all in all" or maybe as in "in all the worlds Paul creates, there are fantastic animals."

Paul said...

Methinks the verification words have been trending toward that which is more easily typed. It is fun playing games with these non-words and making them into something. For a while they were very hard to read, even for someone with a love of alphabets and typefaces. And then they are harder still to type. I could read it but my fingers would not cooperate. So I had to try a second time. Once it took three tries. I hope they keep them more accessible.

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