Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nôtre Grandmère Mimi est toujours dans l'avant-gard

En voici l'épreuve: un video acadien pour votre plaisir.
Here's the proof: a cajun video for your pleasure.

"Oui, on peut -- Yes we can!" OBAMA ZYDECO FROM LOUISIANA 2008!

Music and Lyrics copyright 2008 Dirk Powell, Crying Bayou Music, BMI

Filmed at the Whirlybird in Opelousas, Louisiana

Musicians: Dirk Powell, Christine Balfa, Jeffrey Broussard, Zydeco Joe Citizen, Corey "L'il Pop" Ledet, and Linzay Young

Photos Courtesy of Creative Commons

BIG BIG THANKS TO: Jim Phillips, Christy Leichty, Johanna Divine, Joel Savoy, Wilson Savoy, Eric Breaux, Jacob Ross, Liz Toffey, Tony Davoren, Toby Rodriguez, Susan and Carl Brazell, Mark Herbert, Andrea Rubenstein, Norris Fontenot, Phillip Gould, All the dancers, singers, and friends of the Whirlybird that made this video possible!

h/t to the swingingest granny, bien sûr!
--the BB

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, this video is what caught the attention of Georgianne from HP and drew her to my blog.

Thanks for the information on the musicians and the folks who put it together.