Saturday, May 09, 2009

All shall be well

Lord God, in your compassion you granted to the Lady Julian many revelations of your nurturing and sustaining love: Move our hearts, like hers, to seek you above all things, for in giving us yourself you give us all; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

OK, I'm a day late in mentioning, honoring, remembering Dame Julian of Norwich. Yesterday was a bit busy. I was born on her feast day, 8 May 1946, and so was caught up in partying. Nice way to end a work week, I dare say.

Raised a Baptist, I knew nothing of Julian for many years but was delighted to learn about her and read the Shewings. Intriguingly, there was always something about me that believed, and still believes, that all shall eventually be well. Granted, in the near term I may be skeptical, but I have been blessed with an abiding long-term faith. And a charism of joy. (Well, most of the time.) So even if I did not know about Julian in my earlier years, I believe there is a link.
"From that time I desired oftentimes to learn what was our Lord's meaning," she wrote, "and fifteen years after I was answered in ghostly understanding: 'Wouldst thou learn the Lord's meaning in this thing? Learn it well. Love was his meaning. Who showed it thee? Love. What showed he thee? Love. Wherefore showed it he? For Love. Hold thee therein and thou shalt learn and know more in the same.' Thus it was I learned that Love was our Lord's meaning."
The icon depicted above hangs in the chapel at CDSP and I was present the day it was dedicated. [A very Protestant version of icon dedication, I still harrumph. I wanted clouds of smoke, showers of holy water, and sacred smelly oils, but they said some words.] It is my favorite icon of her. When one sits with it one is drawn into contemplating the cosmos as object of God's love.

My thanks for the kind wishes on my natal festivity (which I usually celebrate for about a month, as I believe all cumpleañeros should). And Jane R is just a pup.

The Birthday Boys

Here is yours truly with Paddington, my official teddy bear (though there are other teddy bears in the family), and Zotney, my anteater. Yesterday was their 30th birthday. Zotney was a present from my ex and Paddington a home-made present from his sister. We were all so young then! And we still are. P-Bear is wearing his tie-dyed Berkeley T-shirt from last year's road trip, authentically purchased on Telegraph Avenue where the 60s live. Zotney, btw, will see God as he is the only one of my kids who is truly pure of heart (and very devoted to Our Lady). This is a morning-after photo taken ten minutes ago. We seem to have survived celebrating last night at their other Daddy's house.

--the BB


susan s. said...

Well, belated happy birthday, Paul. How did I miss this? Love to you and the other B'day boys.

Padre Mickey said...

¡Feliz cumpliaños, hermano mío!
And may you have many more.

it's margaret said...

Happy birthday Paul! And many more! Round the table you must go....!

Earthbound Spirit said...

Blessings on your completion of another journey around the sun! All good wishes to you.

Ellie Finlay said...

A belated Happy Birthday!

(And I love your stuffed animules!)