Saturday, May 09, 2009

A pleasant sabbath day

Today I slept in, did a bit of reading and blogging, took the car in for its biennial smog check so I can renew the registration, shopped for necessities, then planted green beans and petunias. It was then too hot to continue. More reading and blogging and napping (yes, +Maya, I pay attention to the better bishops). Before sunset I headed back out to the yard where I just planted the bed you see below.

Left to right: "Husky Cherry Red" cherry tomato, sweet basil, serrano chile, sweet basil, and "Better Boy" hybrid tomato. I would love to have some heirloom tomatoes though those are hard to find if you don't raise them from seeds. Anyway, now all I have left for tomorrow are two squashes and some red petunias.

Tomorrow I assemble my birthday present to myself, a charcoal barbie. I invited the neighbors from across the street, who are really nice folks, for BBQ tomorrow. Tri-tip, Louisiana hot links, potato salad, guacamole and chips, and either watermelon or fruit salad. Hmm, I might bake cookies as I have dough in the freezer. It's really an excuse to clean the kitchen and get all the stuff off the dining room table.

Summertime (emotionally) and the livin' is easy....

(Well, ignoring the various joints that now hurt from shoveling, hoeing, and bending over.)
--the BB


Jane R said...

Dear Padre Pablito,

I know you listen to me and I am very proud of you. If you go to my Jane's blog you will see pictures of me sleeping.

We are very sorry we didn't write you on your birthday. The Canon to the Extraordinary had some school thing all day and then all day again and I coped by sleeping. Also, I watched the birds, the squirrels, a bunny, and lots of bugs. When the bugs get indoors I chase them. I like bugs.

Love and major purrs,

+Maya Pavlova (using my Jane's mail because your Blogger won't let me put my name in like the other Bloggers do)

Word verification: pifricha

Paul said...

Ma très chère évêque, I had indeed seen your incredible nap photos and was struck by how gracefully you do it. I look forward to meeting you in the fur, so to speak. I know that you do reparational napping for those whose napping is deficient and I beseech you to keep up the good work.

Your faithful son in the faith,