Saturday, May 09, 2009

Update on my family

I got an e-mail from my sister and also talked on the phone with Jay's brother today.

Iva writes:
Brought Jay home last night. Lots to learn and seems a bit overwhelming right now. I am not as young as I used to be! His numbers are better. 211 this a.m. and 367 before lunch. He gets long acting insulin twice a day and the other on a sliding scale before meals and at bedtime.
The laser surgery on the twins went well. This is a new procedure for pre-term babies that helps prevent detached retina later on.

Jay's brother was reinstated at his job (a different story and a long one) and now we are praying that budget cuts don't affect Glen.

Here are some vintage and recent shots, mingled.

My nieces and nephews. Front row L to R: Kazan, my mother's dog, nieces Paula and Jannita. Jannita is the grandmother of the twins. Paula is also a grandmother. Back row: my nephews Glen, Jay, and Burt.

Here are Granduncle Glen and his partner Julie visiting the twins at Stanford.

Here I am with nephew Jay (back when I had a full head of brown hair - and tacky polyester pants).

Here are Glen and Julie at Jeremy and Katie's wedding last September, flanked by Glen's kids (some of my other grandnips), Steven and Morgan.

And here we have Jay along with Jannita's stepson and older brother of the groom, Joe.

Here is my cousin Bessie who shares her birthday with me, hugging her grandson Dallas. Isn't she beautiful? She has always had the sweetest soul (and comes from a carnival family - never underestimate these these sweet senior ladies, folks, not that any of you would).

Many thanks for the prayers that have come from all over. I told my sister we have a lot of love coming our way.
--the BB

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