Saturday, May 09, 2009

I got roses for my birthday

Ina Maka provided wonderful roses for my birthday. Here are some pics from the back yard this afternoon:

The last is a shot of Texas sundrops and sage, not roses, but these have survived the most amazing neglect.

Thanks, Mom!

*Ina Maka = Mother Earth in Lakota
--the BB


David said...

Belated but heartfelt wishes for a blessed birthday dear Paul
a certain sweet southern bird had to e-mail me to let me know I was about to miss a major feast in the south-western Church.

dear friend, may the year ahead be one of real joy, profound affirmations of the wisdom and rightness of being Paul; a year when your pen never run dry, and one in which there is always more exciting ideas that time to get them all down.

Bonne Anniversaire, cher ami
Bonne fete cher frere


Sara said...

Another belated Happy Birthday. It's already Sunday here, so I'm really late!

The roses are beautiful. We managed to get some trees and a lilac planted when we were in Abq last month. The house really needs roses though. Next year.

Paul said...

As I confessed at Mimi's, I try to celebrate for a month, so it's difficult to have belated greetings in my book. Thank's y'all.

Sara, how wonderful that you planted trees and lilacs. I am sure you will enjoy them in years ahead. I planted my lilac in the back two years ago and this was the first time it bloomed, but bloom it did! Just lovely.

susankay said...

Ah Paul -- another belated one but most heartfelt from me and Molly the Wonderdog (Brad too but he doesn't gush as much as Molly and I do) And YOU are but a puppy -- hang in there an you will become old and wise. -- however, probably never as wise as Mimi.

Paul said...

LOL, no I cannot aspire to Mimi's wisdom, but more wisdom than I have now would be good.

FranIAm said...

I am so so so so sorry that I missed your birthday!!!

Belated but filled with love - happy birthday!!!!!