Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flammis acribus addictis

If you are familiar with Santa Barbara, California, the fire map below is truly terrifying. IT has a post that sums up the situation well. It concludes:
Those of us who have lived through wild fires know the horror of the blood-red sky, the ash like snow covering all the surfaces, the eye-watering, throat-searing, acrid taste of smoke that you can't escape. So do what you do, people, for the firefighters and residents and all the people in Santa Barbara. Because it doesn't much matter whether you are a conservative or a liberal, straight or gay, when the flames of hell come roaring down the hill.

Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara - LA Times map
As of 10:45 p.m. Friday: Five-miles of flames now stretch north of Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Montecito, driving more than 30,000 residents from their homes. Evacuation warning areas were repeatedly extended today. Firefighters worried that flames would get into canyons and head toward populated areas. Acres burned: 8,600. Estimate: 80 homes damaged or destroyed.

Source: County of Santa Barbara, Cal-FIRE and Los Angeles Times reporting

h/t to IT at Friends of Jake

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