Sunday, September 14, 2008

Commander Coalfire

That's my new name from the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. [Well, have you noticed the names of her children?]

I am in awe of my own testosterone now.

h/t to Padre Mickey. This time, Eileen, it's all HIS fault!


FranIAm said...

Oh that is hilarious!

I did mine over the weekend but forget what it is.

susan s. said...

Lovely picture!! Did you use your tiny camera attached to your computer? That's the way mine always look, when I do that! I put my name up on Padre Mickey's post, but I can't remember it.

Franiam, we are somewhat alike in that memory department, eh? ;-)

Paul said...

Yes, Susan S., how else could I get such a hideous picture?

Padre Mickey said...

I'm Stag Tonnage, and where is all that tonnage? Heh heh heh!

Paul said...

Good God, Padre, how butch! But that is what we would expect.