Monday, September 15, 2008

Pork Barrel Palin

Kagro X informs us:
It's been 652 days since Earmark Queen Sarah Palin took office as Governor of Alaska.

In that time, she's hustled for $453,000,000 in federal lipstick pork.

That's $694,785.28 a day. Six hundred ninetey-four thousand, seven hundred and eight five dollars and twenty-eight cents. Every day. Even Sundays!

That's some fiscal responsibility and momentum for change there!

Granted, it's only marginally higher than the pork for Senator Obama's state of Illinois, though one might say that Illinois has a higher population and being one of two senators is not the same as being the only governor. In any case, she can hardly posture righteously in this area - though she is trying her damnedest to do so.

Let's call her on her bullshit, shall we?

And no, the pig portrayed is not an attack on her gender - it's an attack on her politics and, admittedly, her greedy, ambitious person.

The gall of these people!
--the BB

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