Saturday, September 20, 2008

Take your son to work day

Yesterday was one of those gray days when one really would rather be curled up near a fireplace of snuggled under the covers than working. Today was rather gray also and it has rained off and on (my umbrella promptly died as soon as I got home tonight).

But for some cheer there was Eddie, my platypus, who went to work with me earlier in the week also.

Here he is posing with the Superdome behind hime like some halo. (He is a really good platypus though I am not sure about saintliness.)

Platypodes (I prefer the Greek plural, myself) are fond of shrimp and crawfish, plus annelid worms, so he was very eager to check out New Orleans. The wet weather suits him just fine as he is a superb swimmer, and he has been feasting on crawdads until he reeks of étouffée.

Zooming back west, here are two pics from the Albuquerque Sunport.

Eddie says hi to his siblings in New Mexico.
--the BB

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