Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It wasn't an accident.

DarkSyde says it very well:
The financial crises is in part a result of appointing unqualified political cronies who don't enforce oversight regulations that exist, and allowing industry lobbyists to write new laws overturning procedures specifically enacted to prevent economic catastrophe in the wake of the Great Depression. This crisis was brought to you by conservative ideology. Give 'em another four years and they might just do more damage than the rest of us can repair in a generation.

DarkSyde's post is here.
--the BB


gerry said...


They've already done enough that we'll need a generation to repair the damage, provided the Chinese don't call in the mortgages they took out.

They've stolen our country and sold it to the enemy!!!

Paul said...

Gerry, indeed they have. I agree that it will take a generation, if we are so faithful and lucky. I do not expect to see democracy fully restored in my lifetime but I would like to see us moving forcefully in that direction.

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