Monday, September 15, 2008

Ever met Sarah Palin on a picket line?

She will do whatever she can to keep you from having an abortion, even if you are raped. [See the article here.]

I do not encourage abortion. I cannot imagine it being a happy choice to make. I consider it a tragic and very personal choice in which I have no right to interfere. And I believe that sometimes it is the right thing to do.

I strongly champion sex education and access to contraceptive methods. Those who would keep people ignorant of their own bodies and deny them the means of contraception while also denouncing abortion are, to my thinking, nothing less than cruel and utterly hypocritical. [Are you listening, Ratso?] Population growth is one of the worst threats to our planet and the future of our descendants. I have no patience with the barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the stove school of piggery.

Getting back on topic, I would suggest that Sarah Palin is not in synch with 2/3 of the American citizenry. It is up to that 2/3 to make certain she and her equally noxious running-mate are NOT elected.

Remember, the Supreme Court of the next couple of decades is at stake.

So, for that matter, is American democracy.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

As a Roman Catholic woman, I put a tremendous blame on the church for its staunch position on this matter.

If I wanted to split hairs, I could argue that the position being against abortion was not really the problem... It has been the overarching and strident cry of being against Roe V. Wade.

I sit, stand, walk, live and pray among multitudes of Catholics who do not even have any response other than NO ABORTION.

There is no integral understanding of why or any meaningful interconnectedness to respect for life across the board.

Which is a disgrace and has spilled out in uncountable ways.

In 1962 the intensity of anti-Catholic thought and suspicion by many Protestants was enormous.

By the late 90's, a group of Evangelical churches had named Pope John Paul II the most influential Christian of their time.

The abortion issue was the cornerstone of those strange bedfellows, which has brought this issue out of balance in manifold ways.

Rant over.

Jaliya said...

Hi, BB -- I've just discovered your blog today.

I'm Canadian ... and have been following the U.S. election madness very closely. I've recently written a speculative piece on what might be if McCain and Palin win and do what they want with reproductive rights ...

As for the Sarah Palin baby-name generator ... Whoo hoo! Call me THUMP HUMMER PALIN!!

Paul said...

Thump Hummer! Oh my, Jaliya, what an awesome name (though anxiety-inducing, as with everything related to Palin).

Welcome and thanks for commenting.