Monday, September 15, 2008


A lot of what we saw while driving looked like this. Works for us (we being wide-open-spaces kinds of guys). Note the ubiquitous train tracks. We marveled at the number of freight trains we saw on this trip.

In downtown Fresno this building has Newton's hymn as a giant mural. I spotted it in the rear-view mirror and had to get a photo.

The next section of the Dewey Decimal mural in the Fresno County Free Library main branch depicts the 200s, religion. It was here that I became familiar with the inscription at Delphi, and motto of Socrates, Γνωθι σεαυτον (or "know thyself") and the Decalogue in Hebrew. I commend the Hebrew Decalogue to y'all - so you will know that the first commandment is not even a commandment but a declaration: "I am YHWH your God who brought you up out of Egypt." All the rest follows from this. It is personal, relational, and grounded in salvation history; not abstract.

To the right the mural progresses into society and government.

It is very difficult to take decent photos while in motion (yes, I was driving but put Bill to work on the camera here). We were trying to get a shot for Mimi showing her that western waterways were not all as small as the Rio Grande. Very limited success, alas. And no, Grandmère, I am not contending that any of them matches the Mighty Mississippi. LOL. We were driving through the Delta and I wanted a good shot of the Sacramento River.

That's all for today.
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

How lovely! I especially like the Amazing Grace photo and that mural... wow!

Thank you as always for these visual feasts.