Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lobbyist Central (aka the McCain campaign)

Remember when Senator McCain was best known for McCain-Feingold? Well, the day he represented anything like campaign finance reform or reducing the influence of the corporatocracy are long since gone. Now he's working on his transition team and put a lobbyist in charge.

John McCain has all the "values" of a rabid weasel, and is about as reliable.

h/t to Muzikal203 at Daily Kos for the video and for this great comment by Senator Obama:
"I think it was Roger Ailes of Fox News who said that the media basically covers four things," said Obama, who held a private meeting with Ailes and Rupert Murdoch in June to clear the air on Fox's coverage, only to see Murdoch's New York Post issue an early, strong endorsement of McCain this month. "[The media] cover polls, scandals, gaffes and attacks. Those are the four things they cover. And so it is very hard to get a focus on the issues."

-the BB

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