Monday, May 25, 2009

And now, for a total change of pace

Why stop traveling when one gets home?

Before I left I plotted with my friend Bill to do a day trip (yes, "road trip" is overstating it) on this Monday observance of Memorial Day (I won't call today "Memorial Day;" that's May 30, harrumph).

I don't think we're in North Carolina any more.

Posing at the Harvey House Museum in Belén

Bill, in motion with wind blowing

Some of you may recall our visiting a Harvey House Museum
in Barstow, California, last fall. Here is one with a local touch:
the requisite New Mexico ristra of chiles to ward off evil

Cool brick building

We had lunch at great coffee shop in Socorro
then took a brief stroll (until it began to rain)

This felt like Old Mexico to us

Our ultimate destination was the Bosque del Apache
Wildlife Reserve (more of that later)

The cactus garden was in bloom

I have more photos but this will do for now.

A lovely little change of pace after a lovely huge change of pace over the weekend.

The longer the weekend, the less one wants to return to work. Yet it must be said: I am very grateful to be employed.

--the BB

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Jane R said...

Wow, talk about contrast! Definitely not North Carolina any more. Lovely photos.

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