Saturday, May 30, 2009

I luvs me my women

The header speaks of my fiction, but I think that last weekend demonstrates it in real life. Not that they are "my" women - it's a phrase, OK?

I have always been attracted to bright, dynamic, passionate women. When I was young and crude, as opposed to old and crude, I used to say they gave me a platonic hard-on. Still true, I confess.

Consequently I enjoy creating fictional women whom I admire. My tales are not kind to men who disrespect or abuse them.

This evening a new noble woman emerged. The heiress to a barony speaks up, even as her stomach recoils, and offers to become a hostage to save the people ruled by her father. She sounds to me like the patriots of the revolution.
“Daughter, you cannot make this decision yourself.”

“Neither can you, father. Too much is at stake.”
The fun part of fantasy writing is that it can go almost anywhere that my own sense of verisimilitude permits. I had not planned this character or her words and actions at all. Up until this evening she only existed on the genealogy charts showing how characters are interrelated. The town in which she dwells comes under attack precisely because her sister is married to one of the claimants to the throne. Said claimant had previously attacked the birthplace of another claimant's wife. (The arson in an earlier post.) This is a counter-attack designed to strike the heart.

The demand for hostages explicitly calls for "the heir of your body ... and five other souls who shall be of consequence." That heir is the lady who emerges to offer herself "under sacred feathers."*

In fiction we get lots of nobility, and I do not refer to bloodlines.

This volume also contains my first female villain. One must be even-handed, or at least somewhat so.

--the BB

*Eagle feathers are worn, in my parallel world, as a sign of peace and of truce. When wearing them one may not attack another or be attacked by another. One may defend oneself only. Heralds carry symbols adorned with feathers. If this lady goes as a hostage wearing eagle feathers in her hair, she claims that sacred protection. Anyone who harms her would forfeit all right to their life and should, if custom be honored, be executed on the spot. Even so, she and five others would be at the complete mercy of the enemy.


David said...

and as if all this great fun you're having creating this giant oeuvre weren't enough, just think of the generations of future graduate students who will spend years of their academic lives pouring through the archive of your life and relationships; looking for the 'originals' of characters and fictional incidents in your own life!

limitless possibilities for endless master and doctoral thesis!
whole shelves in the bookstores of the future, of academic and foolish analysis and deconstruction.

the academic world of literature will never quite be the same, my friend! the Strid sub-set of fantasy writing!
just imagine!



Paul said...

And endless theoretical psychoanalysis, I am sure, David.

If I could have 5% of the money JK Rowling has made off Harry Potter I would be living in luxury. (Probably even at 1%.) And what will the original hand-drawn topographical maps from 1973 bring at auction for my estate? We may yet be able to endow a chair at Cal.

I like your optimism.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Why not aim for the skies or 5%, or1%, or 100% of Rowlings earnings from her books? Paul, you may yet get me to read fantasy fiction. Your book sounds fascinating. I read the first of the Harry Potter books, but none of the others.

This volume also contains my first female villain. One must be even-handed, or at least somewhat so.


What is a platonic hard-on? Please answer without graphic details. ;o)

Paul said...

Mimi, I am intellectually excited around bright women, that's all. Nothing graphic about it. Life could hardly get better than taking a walk on a beautiful day with two women eager to discuss the Trinity. I wish I had more days like that!

I think that when I am with bright men we are prone to testosterone poisoning and jockey for the alpha male position, a game I do not like. I have witnessed women jockeying amongst themselves for alpha female position, equally unattractive. When we relax and enjoy each other's stimulating company it is really wonderful.

I rejoice in Rowling's success. She has helped many youngsters learn to enjoy reading, which is a great good. Frankly, I would not want that much money or fame. But I would like to have a successful series of books published. That would be nice, especially since they convey, in narrative, my theology and thoughts on human interaction. I believe the books will be my great life's work, combining the interests of my academic studies, my fascination with life and creation, and my own therapeutic journey.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Excellent answer, Paul. I'm uncomfortable around folks who jockey for the Alpha position, since I am not competitive at all , and I don't like to observe the game, either.

Having Rowlings amount of money and fame would be a great burden to me. Of course, one could give most of it away to good causes, but choosing the causes would be a burden, etc., etc., etc. Of course, it will never happen. You, on the other hand, well, it could, and I may yet say I knew him before he was rich and famous and appeared in "People" magazine.

Paul said...

It always helps to have friends who believe in you.