Monday, May 25, 2009

Flourishing roses

I did nothing in the garden this weekend except walk and take the photos shown below. I watered well before leaving town and my friend Kathy saw to it that things were watered before I came home. Thanks, Kathy!

Check these babies out. Planted this year as a bare root rose.

Likewise with this one.

These were planted two years ago and have just bloomed in the past week.

I came home to many other blooms than these, but I caught these on camera (I began to say "on film" but that hardly obtains anymore) before running off on today's romp.

It appears that most of the vegetables are going to make it. More on them at another date.

--the BB

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lj said...

Wow -- you've been busy since I saw you 3 days ago! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Maybe I'll write some more on it, now that I've seen some bloggers in person. Your comment made me re-write what I wrote two months ago and I realized I needed it today!

It was a pleasure spending some time with you. Looking forward to reading your books one of these days.