Monday, May 25, 2009

Heart thread - 05/25/2009

Comments from the West Coast:
I am having a hard time keeping myself together with this posting. I never thought I would see these babies so round, with pudgy fingers, with contented looks, without breathing tubes, just like average newborns. God never let us be discouraged even when we could see through their skin, even when they were so covered with equipment we could barely see their eyes, even when we returned from lunch one day and eight doctors and nurses were surrounding Olivia's isolette, even when they were both setting off their monitors like dueling banjos, even when the news delivered from the PNP or doctors was hard to hear and I could go on. Everyday was filled with God's love and hope. Katie and Jeremy are people of extreme strength and faith. Katie's mantra was always 'that is one for the win column.' Together they stood strong and determined and prayed for God's blessing for their babies. What extraordinary parents! Our family and friends have been our rock. Their prayers and support have made the difference. The medical personal everywhere has been unbelievable, caring, loving and understanding.

As for Clara and Olivia, you just know they are tough little cookies-a force to be reckoned with.

This sounds like the end of something but you know it is just the beginning!
Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Quote of the Day:
That is one for the win column.
Katie Hoff
A brief note from Roseann:
Feeling so much better
I can make coffee myself. I can shower without help. I have tons more energy.

Thanks so much for all the prayers. I feel like a miracle today.
She and Gary still need lots of prayers.
Gary has a torn rotator cuff and will have surgery soon. He will be down for at least 10 days recovering at home and then 3 months of light duty at work. I'm very worried about both os us being down at the same time. We will need lots of help during his 10 days of recovery. Please keep him in your prayers for a successful surgery and complete recovery.
For JCF and MP and David and others in their quest for the right employment.

David@Montreal chatted with his cousin who is going through heavy treatment that currently puts him and his wife in isolation.
as i said both Frank and Carol sounded particularly worn down, and for the first time he hinted to be of the possibility of a future without him.
Carol spoke of the hardship of not even being able to attend her parish Church last Sunday as they are in isolation. and Kerri, their youngest daughter and my God-daughter has just been confirmed as being pregnant, however F & C cannot see either her or their other 2 daughters and grandchildren
i confess there were tears i hung up.

Prayers for Frank and Carol and their entire family, and for David and his neighbor Robert, continue.

For Padre Mickey, the Lovely Mona, and the Dance Party crew as the good padre wrestles with la computadora.

For Kirstin who made it through and graduated and for my chum Vivian who did so also.

Let us remember Robbie, Jane R's godson:
Those of you with a spiritual practice, do send prayers, good vibrations, incantations, and meditations of healing to my godson Robbie (aka Lopi) who was assaulted and robbed yesterday and is in hospital bruised and with broken leg.
I was there when Jane got the call, just before we headed from her house to the wedding. It is evidently a spiral fracture. +Maya extended the paw of healing. We extend prayers.

For Doxy and Dear Husband, who included this in their wedding program:
Even in our joy, we do not forget our friends and loved ones who are barred by secular law and religious tradition from making the commitment we are making today. We pray for the day when all couples who wish to enter the covenant of marriage will be able to do so, and we will continue to work for the inclusion of all the baptized in the life and ministry of the church.
For those still writing papers this late in May, or dissertations.

For peace.
For diplomats, translators, and bridge builders.
For those who take risks so that human hearts may be connected.
For those who welcome strangers.
For those who give a home to exiles.
For those who bind wounds, set bones, and lay cool compresses on fevered brows.
For those who still write notes by hand (I am not among them).
For those are willing to dig in the manure so flowers will grow.
For yourselves, that you will be kind to your only self.


--the BB


Jane R said...

Amen and thank you.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely post, Paul. Prayers of thanksgiving for Olivia and Clara and their parents.

Prayers for all the others, too. Yes, and for jobs, jobs, jobs for JCF, MP, and David.

Padre Mickey said...

Thanks for the prayers dere, faddah!
I've got photos of both Kirstin and Vivian graduating, and once the computadora returns from the hospital, I'll post them!

Paul said...

Padrecito, I look forward to seeing the graduates. Abrazos.